My first IUI is scheduled for exactly 3 hours from now!

Guess what happened? I finally had a surge in my LH and detected it last night around 10 pm!  I had gone walking and gotten dinner with my friend Renee, and when I got home from our time together, I tested my urine and was thrilled to see the test line on the strip was darker than any other time I’d checked.  It wasn’t yet fully darkened, so I waited a couple hours and checked again, and sure enough the test line was as dark as the control line, which is the indicator that my LH is surging.  Just to be extra sure, I tested it one more time and the line was even darker than the control line!  I couldn’t be happier.  This means the surge happened on the 15thday of my cycle, and I will most likely ovulate today, the 16thday of my cycle.

There was a purpose in me feeling let down all week, worrying there may be something wrong with my cycle, because now I am EVEN more sure that being a mom is exactly what I want, and the time for me is NOW.  Also, so many people have sent me encouraging messages and it really helped me feel relaxed about everything again.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I felt a sense of relief after writing my blog entry yesterday, had an outpouring of support, had a fun night with my dear friend, and then wha-la! Ovulation arrived!  I will definitely remember the lesson I learned this week which is to keep my thoughts positive, my mind occupied and my hands and feet productive anytime I feel stress or worry creeping in. Yesterday, besides nannying for two sweet kids in the afternoon, I did some crocheting, writing, walking and spent quality time with my friend.  I truly believe that by putting this whole journey out in the open for all to see, it will have a positive impact on the outcome because I don’t feel so alone.

This brings me to the moment I’ve been waiting for! Drum roll please! Today at 3 pm I will have the IUI performed. There definitely is a lot of uncertainty about how long after the surge in LH I will ovulate, but it will most likely be between 12 and 36 hours after the surge in LH was detected.  Which means sometime between 10 am this morning, and 10 am tomorrow morning, the egg will be released into the fallopian tube, where it will hopefully be fertilized by the sperm my doctor will be inseminating into my uterus.  The egg can only live for 12-24 hours and the once frozen sperm can only live for 20-24 hours.  This makes the window for fertilization very small.  If for some reason the first time the IUI fails, I will continue using this method for a few months before looking into other options.  I really have a feeling this is going to happen for me, and maybe even this month!  Wouldn’t it be miraculous if the first time I try to conceive, I succeed?

My cousin pointed out to me last night that my chances are actually much higher than most women who have IUI done.  That’s because most people who do this have failed at conceiving naturally for quite some time before deciding to try this method.  I never failed at getting pregnant and have a feeling that I’m actually still quite fertile.

The next two weeks while I’m waiting for the results of this IUI, I’m going to have to keep myself very busy and relaxed.  The plan is to be active and take lots of walks, write a lot, and crochet a blanket for the baby.  The plan is to not let myself get caught up with worry or doubt.  I have faith in myself that I can maintain a hopeful and easy-going attitude while I wait.

Over the past month I’ve been changing certain behaviors to increase my chances of being fertile.  The things I’ve been doing are, trying to eat more regularly, cutting back on all added sugars except a little in my morning tea, and cutting back on caffeine.  I honestly do feel healthier than ever and ready to conceive a child.

In 3 hours I will be forever changed, despite the outcome this cycle. I can’t wait to see what’s next on this journey! Please follow along and share in this adventure! You being here means the world to me.



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