Gender reveal! The best Christmas surprise of all!

Yesterday I was excited to see on the Counsyl website that my prenatal screening test results were back.  It said they wouldn’t be ready to be viewed for a couple hours and it was noon, so I was filled with excitement over finding out if my baby is free from chromosomal abnormalities, and even more so to find out if my baby is a boy or a girl. My excitement propelled me to spend an hour like a whirlwind getting my house in my tip-top shape, because I wanted everything to be perfect when I sat down to read the results.  That motivation has been an awesome symptom of pregnancy for me.  I feel so motivated pretty much all the time.  I haven’t felt this motivated about tackling both my daily projects and bigger things like writing this blog, since I was in my late 20’s.  I feel excited about the future in a brand new way and it’s a wonderful feeling.

My sister, Elizabeth, and I had spoken on the phone just after I knew the results would be ready soon.  We both have been anxiously awaiting these results for a week, and now that the time had actually come to find out, the happy tension was palpable.  She texted me around 1:30pm to see if the Counsyl website had posted them, and I told her, not yet.  Then just a few minutes afterwards, I refreshed my page on their website and it said my results were ready to be viewed.  I called Elizabeth and it was very special to be on the phone with my sister as I read the results.  At the top of the page, the site read, “Your results are negative,” and that word “negative” just made my heart sink for an instant, until I continued on to where it said, my child was free from the common chromosomal abnormalities. Phew! What a relief and such a happy moment to finally have confirmation about my child’s health in that way.  Below those results was a little rectangular box that read, “Find out the sex of your baby.”  “Ok here we go,” I said, and I clicked that blue button with an electric delight.  I knew, no matter what it said, I would be thrilled.  And, I read it aloud to my sister, “It’s a girl.”  A wave of joy and gratefulness just swept me up at that instant my “child” became my “daughter.”  We both celebrated the news together.   It was a perfect moment, filled with love and hope, and I’m so thankful my sister could experience it with me.  Undoubtedly, I know I am blessed.

While I would have been just as happy with a boy, having a girl just makes sense.  I am extremely feminine and crafty and having a baby girl will be right in line with my interests and strengths.  I can just see my daughter and I making crafts, baking cookies, twirling in dresses, painting our nails, shopping and simply confiding in each other about things we will both understand.  I can see myself teaching her how to crochet and make recipes that have been passed down from my grandmother, to my mother, me, and now I’ll get to pass all these wonderful family traditions to my daughter.

After talking with my sister, I spent the rest of yesterday and part of today, on the phone sharing the news with many family and friends.  I loved getting to relive the excitement and squealing with delight again and again.  And now, I get to share it with all of you.   Thank you to each of you who have joined me here on this adventure.


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